Template – intro

Templates are preset settings and texts that can be used to prepare quotes for sending.

In order to streamline the quote management process and make sure that every quote that goes out looks the same (company-wide), as opposed to everyone sending out emails without a predefined template, we allow you to define as many quote templates as you wish.

The quote templates contain the following important information:

  • a title
  • a background image
  • text intro
  • text ending


These are used to generate the email at the time that the quote is set out and are editable for each individual quote. Each user is allowed to edit the template, should they feel that it needs to be edited at any time, but they all start from the same template and the end result will always look like a professional email.

You can be as specific or as broad as you would like to be when defining templates.

The system is capable of calculating basic costs from the vehicle base rates, trip duration and your cost percentages (tax %, gratuity %, airport fees, etc) defined for each template. If this general rule can apply to your pricing as well, we encourage you to pay extra attention when setting up the templates and vehicles as it will make it extremely easy (1-click) for your users to get pricing. Feel free to contact our support team if you need assistance with the pricing or consult the Knowledge Base and FAQs for more detailed instructions on cost calculation.

For all other fields available when creating/editing templates please refer to the question mark tooltips for further information.