ChatBots – intro

Chatbots are interactive widgets that are meant to function similarly to how a live chat functions on a website but without the need for a human being to be involved on your end. Properly setting up a Chatbot will help you gather all the required information (and more) from your website visitors and convert that into a quote request within your system.

Compared to the regular forms/widgets, the chatbots give you a lot more flexibility and allow for extra questions, where needed, conditioned by logical statements. This means that you can get all the information required for a complex quote from a single interaction with a client and eliminate the need for multiple follow-ups.

It has also been proven that the vast majority of website visitors prefer to use a chatbot instead of a regular form – more than 80% chose to use the bot instead of the form.

If you require assistance with setting up the chat bots please contact our support team.