Full Quote List

The “Full Quote List” page will list the company’s entire quote list, no matter the owner or status. This is the only page that allows for complex filtering and sorting, as seen in the screenshot below. It is also the only page where one can access other user’s quotes and see their details, change statuses or take ownership.


You can get to the page by clicking the “Full Quote List” (#1 in the screenshot above) button in the left menu.

Once you are there you will notice the filters at the top of the page (#2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, & #9) which will allow you to search within the columns and filter the listed quotes.

Below the filters, you will have the list of quotes (#10). Clicking the three-dots button for a quote that is not owned by you opens up the quote menu, which will be explained briefly below and, for those that require more in-depth explanations, in future articles. Depending on your system’s settings, some of these menu options might or might not be available.

Clicking a quote that is owned by you, opens up the same menu that you would see in the “Active Quotes” section.


  1. Preview: takes you to a preview page for the quote in its current form
  2. Clone: Creates a clone of the selected quote under your ownership
  3. Mark as Booked: marks the quote as booked. Depending on your system settings, you will be asked to enter a confirmation # as well as confirm/adjust the final amount. The quote owner remains unchanged.
  4. Claim Quote: Changes the quote’s ownership to you and creates a notification within the system for the previous owner notifying them of the change.
  5. Mark as Lost: marks the quote as lost. Requires you to enter a reason. The quote owner remains unchanged.
  6. Reassign: allows you (administrators only) to reassign this quote to someone else.
  7. Release Quote: releases the quote from your ownership so that others may be able to claim it. Useful when a quote was claimed by accident, for example. This is only visible for certain statuses.
  8. Delete: will delete the quote forever (administrators only). Please note that this can not be undone and is only available for certain statuses.